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Designing Strategy with SWOT Matrix Method: Case Study of Farapeyvand Company (23625 Downloads)
Strategy Implementation Model for Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company (19241 Downloads)
Evaluating the Impact of Organizational Structure (Structural Dimensions) on Employees’ Empowerment: Case Study of Finance Deputy in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (16187 Downloads)
Exogenous Factors Conceptualization of Change in Governmental Sector: Case Study of Iran (15684 Downloads)
Key Criteria of Employees’ Performance Evaluation in Reward Payment (14784 Downloads)
Identifying Effective Factors of Employees' Empowerment in South Pars Gas Complex Corporation (12750 Downloads)
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Job Stress Management Methods (11459 Downloads)
Factors Influencing Business Process Management Implementation Case Study: Petrochemical Commerce Corporation (11410 Downloads)
Performance Evaluation in Taxation Affairs based on Balanced Scorecard Model (11079 Downloads)
Evaluating Effects of After-sale Services on Customer Satisfaction Using Tetra-class Model (Case Study: Saipa Group)/ (10888 Downloads)
Organizational Learning and Trust, Moderating Rings between Psychological Empowerment and Organizational Commitment (10155 Downloads)
یادگیری سازمانی و سازمان یادگیرنده (9837 Downloads)
Influential Factors on Iran’s Free Trade-Industrial Zones (9702 Downloads)
The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Organizational Commitment in Public Sector (9682 Downloads)
Dimensions and Components of Meritocracy in Managers and Employees of Educational Institutions (9387 Downloads)
An Introduction to Controlling and Supervision System Engineering to Impede Systematic Corruption (8853 Downloads)
Assessment of Employees' Participation in Manager’s decision-making (7979 Downloads)
نقش توسعه منابع انسانی در ارتقای بهره‌وری سازمانها (7872 Downloads)
Key Factors Conducive to Successful Employment Generation in the Industrial Sector (7674 Downloads)
Investigating of the Relationship between Social Capital and Mental Health Participants: Students of the Social Sciences Department, Shiraz University (7416 Downloads)
رابطه بین احساس امنیت شغلی و عوامل فردی کارکنان (6981 Downloads)
Comparative Analysis of the Approaches and Indicators that are Used in the Assessment of Social Capital (6814 Downloads)
Stewardship and Agency Theories: Do Managers Serve the Organizations or Do Organizations Serve Them? (6395 Downloads)
Investigating the Relationship between Family's Social Capital and Its Children Level Education (6356 Downloads)
Introduction of Evaluation Indicators and Investigation of the Urban Sustainable Development Process in Tehran (6290 Downloads)
Investigating the Quality of Educational Services in the University of Urmia through SERVQUAL Model (6240 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Management Information Systems (5835 Downloads)
مروری بر نظریه نهادینگی ساختار سازمانی (5784 Downloads)
A Study of Relationship between job Conflict and the Structure of Public Organizaiton (5743 Downloads)
استراتژیها و سیاستهای مدیریت منابع انسانی (5699 Downloads)
بررسی تطبیقی سبکهای رهبری (5680 Downloads)
The Influence of Productivity in the Economic Growth of Iranian Production Industries through Panel Data Approach (5579 Downloads)
Relationship between Talent Management and Job Satisfaction among the Employees of the Central Staff of Social Security Fund (5417 Downloads)
انتخاب استراتژیک در مدیریت منابع انسانی (4911 Downloads)
Fromation of Learning Organizations and Their Use in Practice (4814 Downloads)
بررسی موانع برنامه‌ریزی استراتژیک در جمهوری اسلامی ایران (4798 Downloads)
Global Trend in the Evaluation of Social Capital: Impact of the Social (4781 Downloads)
Strategic Pivot Formulation for Human Resource Development at Institute for Management and Planning Studies (4764 Downloads)
A Survey of Four Performance Management Models in the Health and Treatment Sector (4678 Downloads)
The Relationship between Workaholism and Organizational Commitment (4652 Downloads)
Creating the Groundwork for an Electronic Government (4593 Downloads)
Control Processes for Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance (4562 Downloads)
The Effect of Social Capital on Employees’ Organizational Commitment: Case Study of Governmental Banks in the City of Kerman (4529 Downloads)
Economy Globalization Role in the Employment of Service Sector (4474 Downloads)
مستندسازی تجربیات در فرایند مدیریت استراتژیک (4427 Downloads)
Knowledge Management Model in both ‘Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision’ and ‘Vice-Presidency for Management and Human Capital Development’ (4422 Downloads)
Organizational Factors Affecting the Compensation of Services of Specialist Physicians Working in State-run Hospitals in Tehran (4332 Downloads)
Devising a Strategy for the Empowerment of University-Graduated Women Entrepreneurs' by SWOT Matrix (4314 Downloads)
Value Management in the Public Sector (4249 Downloads)
مدیریت کیفیت جامع یا مهندسی مجدد فرایند کسب و کار: ارائه مدلی تلفیقی (4048 Downloads)
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